Life by Design: Help! I'm stuck

Life by Design
Help! I'm stuck

For months I have been "stuck". It doesn't matter what the project is I can't seem to move forward on any of my projects. Every time I try to do something, I just end up frustrated. I am afraid to do anything and I am afraid to not do anything. What can I do? I have to find a way to start moving again.
The longer we stay stuck the more dread we develop over the situation until the whole world looks like it is conspiring against us. We become convinced we are defeated (and we have not even done anything yet). The stakes are stacked against us and there is nowhere to turn. We are faced with giving up or struggling hopelessly against unbeatable odds.
But there is hope. Use these strategies to move past being stuck.
Seek out help.
Sharing the problem with someone may be enough to get a fresh perspective and start moving again. By working in partnership with someone you create some distance between your self and the stuckness.
Stay connected to personal and professional groups.
Surrounding yourself with a community of like minded people will energize you and will encourage you to keep your vision clearly in view and take the steps need to realize your vision. They will feed you new and exciting ideas and ways of looking at things and give you the ability to keep connected to the best of who you are.
Be willing to stay in the game.
The man who started Kentucky Fried Chicken was rejected thousands times before he found a backer. He had to totally believe in his vision or build hope for success in some other way to keep going in the face of such massive rejection. Consistently playing the game is what brings home the dream.
Go for it even if you can't see all the steps.
Sometimes you will only see the first and last step and have no idea how to get from the beginning to the end. If it fits your dream, take the first step. This clears the way for you to see the next step. If you are not actively on the journey, you may never find the hidden passageways.
Do the parts that you can do and don't worry about the parts that you can't do.
By starting in the places where there is no or little resistance, you build success and momentum. Sooner or later- you'll come up with a way to make the things that you can't do happen.
Work in small chunks of time and effort.
Unless you can separate the whole into manageable pieces the task will always seem too daunting - more than you have the resources for. You could write a novel in 15-minute increments. It may take you longer but it is better than never having written one because you were waiting for more resources than you had.
Just keep moving.

Mary Ann Copson is a Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients become aware of themselves as the creative transformational force in their life. You can visit her online at or reach her by phone at 434-263-4996.