The Hagerstown Suns

The Hagerstown Suns
Playing Baseball 30's Style

The Hagerstown Suns are a minor league baseball team based in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Though based in the Carolinas, this League has been moving steadily northward, gathering teams along the way. They are the Class A affiliate of the New York Mets major-league club starting with the 2005 season. The Municipal Stadium, home to the Hagerstown Suns, which seats 4,600 fans, was built in 1931, and has been apart of many different leagues throughout the years, including: The Eastern League, Carolina League, Piedmont League and the Interstate League. The Suns' home stadium is a grand old ballpark with its wooden plank bleachers and 40's style grandstand. There just aren't many of these old ballparks left. Visiting the Municipal Stadium and watching the Hagerstown Suns play is like watching a game from an era long past. The Hagerstown Suns mascot is The Wooly Bear Caterpillar.
Hagerstown Municipal Stadium is the site of one of the greatest historical moments in baseball history. Willie Mays, one of baseball's greatest legends ever, made his professional baseball debut right on this field. He was a member of the visiting Trenton (NY Giants) team in 1950 at the time.
The Hagerstown Suns have it made playing 21st century baseball in the 1930s baseball atmosphere.