Fish News: 2009 Flounder Regulations

Fish News
2009 Flounder Regulations

The 2009 flounder regulations have been set. There will not be a closed season this year. The bag limit is 5 fish per angler with a minimum length of 19 inches.
At the recent awards presentation for the Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament, one third of Virginia's Expert Anglers for 2008 are members of the Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association. Way to go guys!
Feb. 21, Barclay Shepard went out to the Norfolk Canyon to do some bottom fishing. They caught a limit of wreckfish plus some blueline tilefish and sea bass.
Feb. 21, Capt. Jim Brincefield ( ran another one of his famous offshore deep-drop trips. Just a note about these trips. Jim runs these trips frequently. You can charter the Jil Carrie or join one of their "walk-on" trips. Jim lets me know when one of those trips is scheduled and I place them on our club message board as soon as I get them. For the most current information on these trips, contact Capt. Brincefield directly: Another note about these trips, better eat our Wearies. It will be a long day with a lot of catching. Back to this trip, they caught a limit of 325 sea bass, a bunch of blueline tilefish, bluefish and other critters. They registered many citation sea bass and tilefish. Everyone onboard weighed in at least one citation fish.
Feb. 21, we ran out to do some bottom bouncing around the Norfolk Canyon yesterday. We stayed on the south side of the canyon and had the area to ourselves until the afternoon when were joined by a couple of other boats. Fishing was very good. We caught a limit of jumbo-sized black sea bass in short order. It was the best sea bass fishing of the year so far. The largest knot head weighed in at seven pounds. The blueline tilefish ran on the large side also. We caught them up to 18.5 pounds. Jorj Head caught both the largest blueline and sea bass. Sponge Bob Manus did his share of cranking large fish. He weighed in a 40 pound snowy grouper and our largest golden tilefish on the Healthy Grin so far. His golden weighed 50 pounds, 6 pounds heavier than the one we set the initial state record with. Now, it is just another really nice fish. We caught a total 5 golden tiles. We fished from 40 fathoms to 140 fathoms deep. Sea bass shallow, golden tiles deep, blueline tiles and the snowy grouper in between. We also caught some hake and bluefish.

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