It's Only Ink! The Beeman

It's Only Ink!
The Beeman

In "The Beeman" by Laurie Krebs everyone in town knows one little boy's grandpa as The Beeman. He is called this because he is a beekeeper. This fantastic book combines brilliant art by Valeria Cis with Laurie Krebs' informational rhyming storyline. Readers will learn the behavior of bees, including: where they live, how honey is made, and what and how a beekeeper takes care of the bees.
"The Beeman" makes for an exceptional lesson book as it teaches children an exciting job you don't hear much about. Because of this, "The Beeman" would make a wonderful addition to any teacher's lesson plans.
This colorful, visually appealing book for children is full of essential bee and honey facts and gives beekeeping tips as well. There's even a delicious recipe for apple and honey muffins.
This book comes highly recommended by this reviewer and her children.
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The Beeman by Laurie Krebs
Illustrated by Valeria Cis
Published by Barefoot Books,
Release: 2008
ISBN-10: 1846861462
ISBN-13: 978-1846861468
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Pages: 32 pages
Price: $16.99 (HC)

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