Fish News: Dues, Awards Banquet, and Highlights

Fish News
Dues, Awards Banquet, and Highlights

It is time to pay our dues for 2009. Dues will remain $30 for a family membership for another year.
Make sure to reserve the evening of February 27. That will be the night of our annual awards banquet. Cost will be $27 for adults and $5 for children 10 and under eating the child's chicken tender meal (children 4 and under are free but we still need to count them). Adult menu selections include: chicken picatta, prime roast beef, and crab cakes with country ham. The Chum Line has a reservation form:
One of the highlights of the awards banquet is all of the door and raffle prizes awarded at the end of the event. They are prizes donated by our club sponsors. I can tell you that our sponsors are being more than generous this year and we are going to have some great prizes. Check our sponsors out at:
George Poveromo's exciting National Seminar Series is coming back to Virginia this year. He and his cast of expert anglers will be at the Virginia Beach Convention Center on Feb. 21. This all-day seminar will feature national, regional, and local anglers discussing recreational fishing techniques for most of the sport fish in our area. Many door prizes will be given away throughout the day. For more information visit:
Jan. 25, Ric Burnley fished out of Hatteras. Fishing was crazy. For a half-day of jigging, they were constantly hooked up to amberjacks, false albacore, and 620 pounds of blackfin tuna averaging 29 pounds each. Their largest blackfin weighed in at 38 pounds, just 2 pounds shy of the state record! Ric says that this is something that you need to do before you die.
Jan. 25, we ran south looking for rockfish. At False Cape, we found some fish marks on the fish finder. No birds or bait. It was hard to stay on them without bird help. Small pods of fish moving around. We just trolled around and tried to stay on them when we would stumble across a little school. We had about a dozen bites and caught 8 fish. The largest fish was 45.5 inches long. 16-year-old, Christian Conover, who released the fish after photographs, caught it. This was Christian's largest rockfish to date and his first rockfish citation.
Jan. 24, we spent a cold and windy day looking for rockfish. We ran up the coast 40 NM from Rudee Inlet. Water temperatures did go up after we got past the mouth of the bay. There were a lot of birds up there. We caught one, little striper. We were at Hog Island which is the area of a good bite this week and I think some other boats up there did better than we did. Charles Southall was down at Corolla. They had a lot of birds and bait but they did not catch a fish.
Jan 19, Rick Wineman fished the Green Can area and had a good morning catching rockfish. They then ran over to the 4A buoy where they found the mother load of birds, bait, and working rockfish. They lost count of the number of 39-42 inch fish they caught and released.

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