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How Your Mattress May Affect Your Relationship

How Your Mattress May Affect Your Relationship

(NAPS)-Many couples' romantic problems may be easier to solve than they think. That's because the trouble, if it's an intimacy issue, may be due to nothing more than their mattress.
The Problem
A recent study by independent research group POCO Labs, evaluating the performance of memory foam mattresses vs. those made of fabric-encased innersprings plus foam, gel or latex (called Ultimate Hybrid), showed a consumer preference for the Ultimate Hybrid mattress for both sleep and intimacy. The research also uncovered consumer issues regarding intimacy on memory foam mattresses. People described the experience as being "stuck in quick_sand," "uncomfortable," "difficult" and even "horrible." The study also indicates that many memory foam owners are less intimate.
Data shows most consumers buying mattresses do not evaluate them for intimacy, instead focusing only on sleeping comfort and support. A recent Consumer Reports mattress test found "about 40 percent of buyers had regrets about their purchases" and recommended "You can do better than foam," ranking the top three innerspring mattresses above the best memory foam mattress.
Michael Magnuson, founder and CEO of, an indepen_dent mattress guide for consumers, says, "The bottom line is, mattress shoppers are very confused about choosing the right mattress for their needs. There is certainly a large percentage of people for whom a hybrid mattress would be a great match but currently very few of these people know they should be looking for one."
An Answer
Such mattresses are available, and are often made with Leggett & Platt's Comfort Core fabric-encased in_nerspring technology paired with the latest innovations in specialty sleep materials for a best-of-class hybrid that offers the favorable aspects and benefits of foam, gel or latex without the downside found in mattresses predominantly made of those materials. In fact, the Consumer Reports article gave an Ultimate Hybrid mattress a "Best Buy" rating and found "three memory foam models could make changing positions a challenge."
Explains Dr. Caleb Browning, a physicist at Leggett & Platt, "Comfort Core innersprings are individually wrapped and guard against motion disturbance from your partner during sleep but still provide a critical return of bounce, whereas memory foam really sinks the body and absorbs ener_gy, which makes any movement like changing positions difficult. Memory foam consumes you, rather than working and moving with you like innersprings."
Designed to provide unprecedented comfort and support, these Ultimate Hybrid mattresses are offered by many of the world's leading brands in a variety of styles and price ranges.
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