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Parents find LASIK a good fit for their lifestyle

Parents find LASIK a good fit for their lifestyle

(NAPS)-If you're like many parents, you've had thoughts such as: What would happen if I woke up and the house was on fire and I couldn't find my eyeglasses or contact lenses? How would I get my children out of the house? This concern for their children's safety is one of the main reasons parents consider having LASIK eye surgery to correct their vision, according to Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, one of the leading laser eye surgeons in the U.S. who daily deals with patients who are parents.
Parents who are considering the surgery also give such reasons as being fed up with their infants constantly pulling their glasses off or wanting to play sports with their older kids without worrying about their glasses being knocked off or getting broken.
In addition, busy parents often don't have the time needed to keep putting in and taking out contact lenses or for the care and maintenance that's involved in keeping them clean and infection free. Plus, the annual cost of contact lenses or eyeglasses can add a hefty sum to the family budget.
For moms or dads who have decided that now is the right time to have LASIK, Dr. Donnenfeld offers the following advice:
* Have someone else take care of the children on the day of your surgery, so your spouse can drive you to the doctor's office and make sure you rest afterward.
* You'll be able to shower the next day and get back to your normal routine but you shouldn't exercise or do any heavy lifting for four days-get the kids to take out the garbage.
* Tell the kids to be careful around you: no pokes in the eye or roughhousing.
* You won't be able to take part in any contact sport for one week after surgery or swim for 10 days, so rest on the sidelines at family outings.
* Remember to take your post-op drops for four days (this is an important step that men often forget).
Keep your eyes protected when outdoors on sunny days; your family can help you choose a cool new pair of nonprescription sunglasses.
For more information and to download a patient checklist, parents can visit

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