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How women and men handle diabetes

How women and men handle diabetes

(NAPS)-The differences between women and men include how they view the effect diabetes has on their lives, according to a recent survey.
The study, conducted as part of a collaboration between WebMD and Rite Aid, found that women, more than men, reported that diabetes had a greater negative effect on their emotional outlook as well as their compliance with diet and exercise.
"The survey results make sense when you consider women play multiple roles-employee, homemaker and caretaker, often for both children and parents," said Dr. Carolyn Daitch, director of the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders and a psychologist with 30 years' experience treating anxiety in patients with chronic medical conditions. "Having ready access to resources such as a pharmacist who can provide guidance and tools for self-care and practical, easy-to-implement recommendations for a healthy lifestyle can be very valuable in helping manage diabetes."
Other Findings
* Half of the women who reported being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes say they feel overwhelmed, while less than a third of men report similar feelings.
* Just over half the women feel in control of their diabetes compared to more than two-thirds of the men.
* Women are less likely to maintain healthy lifestyles. Just over a third exercise 30 minutes or more daily while nearly half the men claim to. Just 45 percent of women avoid sweet and salty snacks compared to 56 percent of men.
* Women living with diabetes, particularly those ages 45 to 64, are enthusiastic about tools that can help them manage it, such as diabetic-friendly recipes and tips for eating right, e-mail newsletters, savings on diabetes-related products, and videos and articles about diet, exercise and symptoms.
Fortunately, all these resources are available through Rite Aid's new wellness+ for diabetes. It features access to specially trained pharmacists who can answer diabetes medication questions, as well as special savings on diabetes-related products.
In addition, members have exclusive online access to a special section of WebMD's "Diabetes head2toe" lifestyle management tools. This includes a Personal Diabetes Work Plan-customized for each individual member-with a daily glucose tracker, a weekly workout log, recipes, meal-planning tips, monthly lifestyle summary reports, and stories of people who live healthy, balanced lives with diabetes.
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