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Getting Greener: 100+ Trees Planted in Hagerstown in 2012

Getting Greener: 100+ Trees Planted in Hagerstown in 2012

Trees are being planted across the City of Hagerstown, bringing environmental and aesthetic benefits to the community and ultimately improving the quality of life for our citizens. Tuesday morning, December 4th, Mayor Dave Gysberts and volunteers from the Antietam Fire Company planted trees in front of the company's new fire station along Potomac Avenue.
In 2010, the City's Green Task Force recommended adopting an Urban Tree Canopy Cover Goal, which would result in 30% canopy coverage by 2050. That's an additional 641 acres of canopy cover! Increasing the urban tree canopy provides positive impacts such as reduced heating and cooling costs, improved streetscapes, and increased walk-ability to name a few.
The trees are purchased with funds awarded through the Chesapeake Bay Trust's (CBT) "Community Greening" grant program, which allows trees of native species to be planted on public property, along streets, and now on private property behind the sidewalks. During the past three years the program has been in existence, the City has obtained $97,000 in grants from the CBT and contributed $40,000 in cash. During that time, 552 trees have been planted or are being planted with the funding from 2012.
This year 129 trees will be planted in parks, at Memorial Recreation Center, the Hagerstown Police Department, Washington County Head Start and in the yards of our citizens' homes. The contractor planting the trees this year is Poole Landscaping, Inc. of Frederick.
The City was recently informed the CBT has approved a grant for 2013 in the amount of $30,000. The funds must be approved by the Mayor and Council at an upcoming Work Session. If approved, the trees will be planted in the fall of 2013.

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