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Fuel Excitement

Fuel Excitement
With a proven product and a strong business model, Syntek Global is ready to change lives.

Although Syntek XFT(tm) has been saving industrial companies millions of dollars for nearly two decades, the leadership at Syntek knows that now is the time to let the general public in on the savings-and they are loaded with the tools to do it.
"There's a long history of the product-what it does, where it came from, the various patents, how the formula changed over time to include more things," says Syntek Global CEO John Winterholler. The product is so highly concentrated that bringing it to the public via network marketing makes complete sense.
"Syntek XFT(tm) is in a category by itself. We concluded the very best way to do that was with network marketing, because it's a word-of-mouth thing," says CFO Curt Ence. "People can see that it works; they can go tell their friends and neighbors and business associates that it does work. We can build a thriving business that way, getting us away from the mentality of putting products on a shelf."
At Syntek Global, the top priority is helping independent distributors succeed. "Part of our mission is to provide training and personal development for people in financial management, in marketing, and to become involved in things like focus groups and leadership councils to make sure they are becoming the best they can be with the support of Syntek Global behind them," says Vice President of Distributor Relations Joel Theler.
The company provides a fully functional marketing web site to each distributor on a subscription basis. The site allows distributors to, among other things, enroll new distributors and customers, and contact their enrollment team and customers. The sites also offer communication tips such as composing themed e-mails and how to make business phone calls.
Through sharing the power of XFT(tm), distributors can build a business that is as big as their dreams. But the company isn't resting on its laurels for XFT(tm). Other products are in the works that offer a proven history and are eco-friendly, such as Eco-Mist-a waterless car-wash spray.
More opportunities exist in the future, and Synek Global is proised for growth through the help of its distributors.

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