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Commissioner Callouts: Highlights from the July 9, 2013 Meeting

Commissioner Callouts
Highlights from the July 9, 2013 Meeting

Hagerstown, MD (July 12, 2013) -- As part of the July 9, 2013 meeting, the Washington County Board of Commissioners discussed several contract and bid awards to include the School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement Program. This award was the result of a 30-day pilot program designed to increase the safety of students as they enter and exit school buses. The board also discussed other routine business.
Easement Acquisition for Supporting Slope
The Commissioners approved an easement acquisition needed to finish roadway improvements along Marble Quarry Road. The $400 acquisition was the final property required to complete the road and bridge repair project.
Real Property Acquisition - 4310 Locust Grove Road
Plans are underway for a bridge repair project on Locust Grove Road. The Locust Grove Road acquisition is needed for a road-widening project to accommodate the new bridge. The Commissioners unanimously approved the purchase, which was just under $1,500.
Contract Award - School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement Program
At no cost to the County, the Commissioners took a proactive step to increase the safety of children as they enter and exit school buses. American Traffic Solutions will outfit 20 school buses with "stop-arm" enforcement cameras to catch motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses.
American Traffic Solutions will install and provide all maintenance for the systems during the initial five-year period. In return, they will receive a percentage of fines paid as a result of the program.
Contract Award - Physical Examination Services
By a 5-0 vote the Board awarded Health@Work the Physical Examination Services contract. The one year contract, with an option to renew for up to four years, will provide physical examination services for employees, candidates for County employment, and Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue.
Bid Award - Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Truck
The Board agreed 5-0 to award E-One, Inc. with the contract for Hagerstown Regional Airport's new Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Truck (ARFF). The Federal Aviation Administration will fund 90 percent of the $569,847 purchase, with the State and County splitting the remaining 10 percent.
The current 17-year-old ARFF will be advertised for auctioning on
Contract Award #2 Heating Fuel
The Commissioners concurred with the Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) to award the County's heating fuel oil contract to the lowest bidder, James River Solutions. The contract will take effect on August 1, 2013 and end on July 31, 2014 with the option by WCPS to renew for up to two additional, one-year periods.
Mid-Atlantic Communications Partnership Governance
Division of Emergency Services Director Kevin Lewis requested that the Director (primary) and Deputy Director (secondary) of Emergency Services be recognized as representatives to the Mid-Atlantic Communications Partnership (MACP). This designation enables them to make decisions regarding funding and improvements to the region's collective homeland security capabilities.
Reports from County Staff
Human Resources
The Public Works Parks and Facilities Department requested that the County hire a Senior Office Associate, which recently became vacant due to a retirement. The Board approved the request by a 5-0 vote.
Appointments to County Boards & Commissions
The Board announced several appointments to County Boards & Commissions:
Washington County Economic Development Commission:
Reappointed Paul M. Crampton, Jr. as the municipal representative; Jefry Bohn as a Chamber of Commerce representative; and Robert Jeffers and Peter Thomas as at-large representatives, all to second, three-year terms.
Washington County Adult Public Guardianship Review Board:
Appointed Nikki Snider to a first, three year term.
More Information
Approved minutes from this meeting will be posted on the County's website. Please visit to access approved minutes or visit to access video coverage of Commissioner meetings.
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