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Reflections: Chuckle? Guffaw? Either Way, Enjoy!

Chuckle? Guffaw? Either Way, Enjoy!
By William L. Bulla
Weekly Contributing Writer

For a number of years I have enjoyed watching the television commercials of two advertisers. They have added a touch of humor even amid the depressing news of our economy, world terrorist attacks and our nation's political mess.
I am referring to a little green lizard and a big white duck. Their antics bring out a chuckle or two in some of their audience, while others respond with hearty, boisterous bursts of laughter.
But they are being replaced. No, no! I don't mean they are being replaced as spokes-symbols for the products they are selling. I mean that there are more "weird creatures" being seen every day on the television. And, they are more frightening than humorous. Unfortunately, instead of bringing out huge guffaws of laughter from the viewers for their actions and comments, they are creating reasons for the viewers to cry out in pain. We are often brought to tears, because we realize that out nation is in great trouble under their leadership. This time I am referring to those many politicians trying to rewrite the nation's Constitution.
I recently observed two male political aspirers on a talk show spend several minutes in a violent argument. The show's host tried, unsuccessfully, to control the situation. I guess the only reason they didn't actually come to hitting one another, was because they were each being brought onto the TV screen from two different cities. I believe the anger displayed by one of them would have resulted in an attack on the other had they been in the same studio. I say that because of the violence he displayed beating on a table in the studio in which he was being photographed. I had seen and heard enough, so I flipped to another channel, and was greeted by that shy, charming green gecko. I suddenly broke out into a guffaw. I had just seen the rash behavior of one person, and as I flipped channels I am suddenly greeted with this shy little animal holding a hand over his lips and quietly saying, "My goodness!" I knew the two episodes were not related but I could envision the little lizard standing on the table, while that clown beat on it, as if apologizing for the man's awful behavior.
A few minutes later another insurance company ran an ad on the TV and again I roared in laughter. This one had a big white duck in it and I envisioned that duck dancing on the table where the rowdy man was sitting. The duck kept dancing and spreading its wings to block the man's rude actions from view while making its quacking noise that identifies its sponsor.
Oops! I have the TV on in the other room and I hear a quacking duck. Bye!

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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