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Six ways That Public Gardens can Inspire you

Six ways That Public Gardens can Inspire you

(NAPS)-How does your garden grow? It could be one that makes the neighbors green with envy if you turn for inspiration to America's amazing public gardens. Here are six ways public gardens can inspire:
* Landscaping at public gardens can offer suggestions for designing a beautiful garden of any size with colorful combinations of plants in bloom.
* Public gardens use efficient watering practices and have industry insight on responsible irrigation systems. Homeowners can learn how to irrigate their own gardens by exploring and consulting with a public garden.
* Choosing native plants or plants that have adapted to the local environment can ensure that a garden will be healthy and require less water. Public gardens tend to have huge collections of native and adapted plants that homeowners can be assured will work in their own gardens.
* Public gardens have a selection of plants that are right for a variety of seasons. Blooms can happen year-round if the appropriate types of plants or trees are selected. Keeping your garden beautiful can be easier once you see how public gardens arrange their collection.
* Public gardens employ a diverse professional staff that specializes in horticulture, conservation, display, research and design. Many gardens offer workshops and programs for home gardeners.
* Public gardens often host plant sales that feature unique plants, flowers and trees, providing top-quality additions to residential gardens. Many public gardens have professional experts on hand to answer questions and libraries and bookstores that can educate home gardeners.
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The nonprofit American Public Gardens Association has partnered with Rain Bird, a leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products, to promote public gardens.
For more information, you can visit www.NationalPublicGar

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