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Ziplining: Getting the Drop on High-flying Excitement

Ziplining: Getting the Drop on High-flying Excitement

(NAPS)-When you want to add some zip to your vacation experience, picture this: From 60 feet above the ground, you leap into the air and free-fall, soaring through treetops and over swamplands. Even when your feet brush the platform, the adrenaline rush isn't over. With six zips left on your 21/2-hour zipline safari with Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida, there's plenty of adventure.
For example, the Rattlesnake lifts and drops riders on a wild, zipline roller coaster, the first ever in the United States. Peregrine Plunge is a side-by-side racing zip and the longest single straightaway zipline in Florida. You can fly like a bird on Swooping Crane, and dive into a rapid descent as you step into open air on the Panther Pounce. For a more serene experience, casually pedal through the treetops on a Cypress Canopy Cycle.
Florida EcoSafaris in St. Cloud is just one of several companies that offer ziplining in Osceola County.
At Gatorland's Screamin' Gator zipline you can get up close and personal with some of Florida's most fearsome residents. This two-hour, five-zip tour has you fly at up to 25 miles an hour suspended over ponds of alligators and crocodiles.
With eight zips and three suspension bridges, Zip Orlando offers the longest tour in the area. The course is heavily wooded for scenic surprises. For a more romantic experience, this Kissimmee location also offers beautiful sunset tours. All three have nocturnal tours on select nights.
Kissimmee also offers easy access to world-famous Orlando theme parks, as well as smaller attractions, golf courses and other fun things to do. Its more than 47,000 total accommodations include well-known hotel chains, large and upscale resorts, campgrounds, vacation homes, villas and more.
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