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Wisdom From a Furry Friend: I'm Bruno!

Wisdom From a Furry Friend
I'm Bruno!
By Bruno the 2-Year-old Shepherd mix

Hi, I'm Bruno a Shepherd mix and I am almost 2 years old. I live at the Humane Society of Washington County waiting for a family to adopt me. I don't mind saying, but I'm a pretty young man and I'm very sweet. I know "sit" and I will give you my paw for treats. I love attention and am very playful. I do jump up sometimes when I forget to be polite so the folks at the Humane Society say I would be best in a home with kids over 5 years old. I am a little nervous sometimes so it would be best if I go to a family that will be patient with me and who will help build my confidence.
You know I am very excited about the upcoming holidays just like you are. It is a time when families get together and share wonderful meals, great conversation and spend quality time together. All of your four-legged family members know that what you are eating is tasty and we might have a tendency to beg for some yummy morsels - but please do not give into us.
Turkey can be difficult for us to digest and some of the spices used in cooking, such as sage, have essential oils in them that can cause stomach upset and gastrointestinal issues especially if eaten in large quantities. Remember to never give your pets undercooked or raw meat, eggs or raw bread or even cookie dough. Dough will rise and if it rises inside of your pet's stomach it will expand and can cause life-threatening problems that may require surgery.
If you feel you HAVE to let your pet join in the yummy meal do so in moderation. Do not let them overindulge because that is when there will be problems. A small bit of fully cooked turkey, a little spoonful of mashed potatoes or a couple of green beans will be fine but remember to stop at A LITTLE. Less is better for your pet when it comes to holiday food.
If we keep begging give us a special treat or toy to keep us occupied. Dogs like Kongs when they are filled with peanut butter so get us that special toy with the yummy peanut butter filling and let us have our own fun and tasty treat. Cats love mice toys and dangling batting toys so pick up some fun feline toys to keep the cats occupied.
When you think about Thanksgiving and being home for the holidays remember that there are a lot of homeless animals looking for their forever homes. Maybe you could find it in your heart to bring one or two of us into your family this year. Come visit me and my friends at the Humane Society of Washington County. You never know, you might just fall in love.

The Humane Society of Washington County is located at 13011 Maugansville Road in Hagerstown. Ph: 301-733-2060. Fax: 301-733-0248. Interested in volunteering? Look for their Volunteer Application form online.

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