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Help teens learn about business

Help teens learn about business

(NAPS) When it comes to toys and game, one group of young people are not just playing around.
In fact, they've helped create a great new game and hope to use it to raise money for a not-for-profit organization that goes into schools to teach teens entrepreneurship.
The Project
These students at New York's prestigious Stuyvesant High School are on their way to becoming the next generation of toy inventors. They put together Toys By Teens, a nonprofit toy company that encourages kids to develop original toys and games then market the inventions.
Founded by Pam Chmiel, who originated the Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp, it works in partnership with mentor and toy inventor, Dr. Howard Wexler. He donates an original toy or game for the kids to manufacture, market and sell. Throughout the school year, the youngsters meet with professionals in accounting, product development, distribution, public relations, graphic design, market research and more who all teach them essential entrepreneurial skills needed to successfully build a brand.
"We teach teen entrepreneurship by giving them a real product to work on getting into the marketplace," says Chmiel. "Dr. Wexler offered to donate one of his inventions to our program and work with the teens on refining the game so we decided to form Toys By Teens."
The Game
The teens are launching their first product campaign for the game "Correct Me If I'm Wrong." Consisting of 19 different games, the product features a play-write wipe dry-erase board and marker for clean, easy play.
"We have never manufactured or sold a product before, so we are planning to start slowly by selling to boutique toy stores across the country to get our feet wet," says Chmiel. "Our plan is to have the students manage the sales. We hope to become a full-fledged toy company for the purpose of giving teens a real hands-on business experience."
How to Help
Toys By Teens is currently hoping to raise $20,000 through the IndieGoGo campaign. You can be a part of the project by contributing at Just type Toys By Teens into the search box to see the game and learn more.
When it comes to toys and game, one group of young people are not just playing around.

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