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Antoine Hall awarded "Mentor of the Year" at Lead4Life

Antoine Hall awarded "Mentor of the Year" at Lead4Life

On Friday March 9, 2012 the Lead4Life, Inc. Mentoring Program celebrated its first Mentor Appreciation dinner and awarded the program's first Mentor of the Year Award. In addition an award was presented for Non-Profit Partner of the Year.
Antoine Hall was awarded Mentor of the Year. He has been involved in the program since August 2011 and has been matched with his mentee for seven months. His 14-year-old mentee Marco says this about Mr. Antoine, "He is funny. We ride bikes together and the best part about being in the program is having someone different to talk to." Not only is Mr. Antoine a great mentor but he consistently promotes the program to whomever will listen and tries to recruit male mentors. "Mr. Antoine is a fantastic volunteer for this community. He gives 100% to our program and his mentee" quotes Angela St. Clair, Program Manager.
Ms. Loretta Wright, who sits on the Program's Mentor Advisory Board, and is the Executive Director of Memorial Recreation was awarded Non-Profit Partner of the Year. Memorial Recreation has partnered with Lead4Life, Inc. to host five events since December 2011." Ms. Loretta is always willing to help coordinate projects that benefit the youth in our community," raves Angela St. Clair.
The Fraternal Order of the Eagles Club donated space to allow the Lead4Life, Inc. Mentoring Program an opportunity to show its mentors how much they truly are appreciated. Mentors in the program volunteer their time once a week and meet with their mentee for one year to help make a difference in the life of a child. The agency matched its first mentor/mentee pair in early August 2011 and since then has matched 12 pairs. To date there are three matches that have celebrated their 6 month anniversaries. Angela St. Clair stated, "We strive for quality not quantity; keeping pairs together is our first priority." The youth and their parent(s) voluntarily engage in the mentoring relationship. Youth in the program are involved in the Washington County Diversion Program and are at-risk for dropping out of school, teen parenthood or becoming involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice.
Our kids are worth your time; interested in becoming a mentor? Contact Angela St. Clair 301-791-7314 or email Check us out on Facebook(r), Lead4Life, Inc. Washington County Diversion Program Mentoring Initiative.

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