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Speeding violations decrease with cameras in school zones

Speeding violations decrease with cameras in school zones

Early results show excessive speeding has decreased more than 80% in some areas as a result of the speed enforcement camera systems installed in school zones. During the initial 30-day warning period, 724 validated warnings were issued from cameras at one location. During the month of May, an average of 600 citations were issued from cameras at multiple locations.
"We were counting on seeing the number of violations drop as much as 80% when the cameras first went live," Captain Mark Holtzman says. "Now several weeks later, the early results are even better than we expected. In some areas, the numbers have dropped as much as 90%. That's significant for the safety of students in those school zones every day."
According to results from speed studies conducted before the cameras were in place, about 900 vehicles were traveling 40 miles per hour or faster over the speed limit going eastbound on Northern Avenue between Northern Middle School and Fountaindale Elementary School. Last week alone, an average of 175 citations were captured in the same area each day, which calculates to a reduction of more than 80%.
The change is even more significant on Pangborn Boulevard, where the number of violating speeders has decreased about 90 percent. Previous to the cameras, studies showed there were 250 drivers exceeding the speed limit daily at 40 miles per hour or faster. Last week, cameras captured an average of only 22 violations a day. Under the current system, vehicles traveling 12 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit are recorded with the camera.
"We're continuing our implementation of this system and these results show the cameras are having the desired effect," Holtzman adds. "With the help of these cameras, we also have more officers who are able to spend their time on patrol, rather than writing tickets."
Speed cameras are now active in the following locations:
* Northern Avenue near Northern Middle and Fountaindale Elementary
* Pennsylvania Avenue near North High
* Salem Avenue in the area of Salem Avenue Elementary
* S. Potomac St. at Bester Elementary
* Memorial Boulevard at Bester Elementary
* Pangborn Boulevard at Pangborn Elementary_
The City's vendor is awaiting permit approval from the State to place cameras at Franklin Street and Washington Street near Winter Street Elementary and South Potomac Street near E. Russell Hicks Middle School.

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