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County Comment: Commissioners honor meritorious youth

CAPTION: Commissioners honor youth (L-R) Mackenzie Peperak, Caitlin Kline

County Comment
Commissioners honor meritorious youth
By Norman Bassett
Washington County Maryland Public Information Officer

As part of the regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners on February 14th, meritorious awards were presented to two outstanding youth for the month of February 2012.
Honorees for the month are Caitlin Kline of Clear Spring Middle School and Mackenzie Peperak of Boonsboro Middle School.
Caitlin Kline, an 8th grade student at Clear Spring is the daughter of Robert and Wrenae Kline, and was nominated by Counselor Earl Meagher, who wrote, "It is a pleasure to recommend Caitlin Kline as an excellent candidate for the Youth Meritorious Award. Caitlin has been a student at Clear Spring Middle for the past three years. This young lady has many characteristics that make an outstanding student.
Caitlin is intelligent and hardworking. Carrying a very rigorous academic schedule, she is consistently on the honor roll. She has many leadership qualities in school, which include yearbook editor and SGA Historian. Aside from school she is involved with basketball and softball.
To summarize, Caitlin is intelligent, athletic, hardworking and friendly. She has many talents, which she works hard to develop. We are happy to have Caitlin as a student at CSM," Meagher said.
Mackenzie Peperak is the daughter of Stephen and Desiree Peperak and was nominated by Counselor Lauren McDermott who wrote, "Mackenzie Peperak is an honor roll student in all merit level classes at Boonsboro Middle School. She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and a member of the merit orchestra as a cello player.
She is the Vice President of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and is very involved in her church's youth group. She is a member of study buddies, is a WEB leader and was a S.T.A.R. student last year. She volunteers every morning at Boonsboro Elementary in a kindergarten classroom helping teachers and students. She enjoys playing basketball, soccer and lacrosse.
Mackenzie is a fantastic student and a phenomenal member of the Boonsboro community," McDermott wrote.
The Award is presented by the Commissioners to honor outstanding youth who exhibit leadership in their schools, homes and in the community.

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