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County Comment: Washington County residential customer appreciation week starts October 10

County Comment
Washington County residential customer appreciation week starts October 10
By Sarah Lankford Sprecher
Director of Public Relations & Community Affairs

Residential Construction in Washington County contributes significantly to the local economy each year. Whether it is a new home, an addition, or construction of a deck or pool, building and permitting officials in Washington County want to help you complete your project successfully. Providing good customer service is a major goal of the Division of Plan Review and Permitting and the Division of Public Works.
To show appreciation to our residential building construction customers, the Washington County Division of Plan Review and Permitting and the Division of Public Works will hold a Residential Customer Appreciation Week from October 10-14, 2011. During this week, we will be providing a number of financial incentives for our customers to promote the residential building industry in Washington County.
Incentives include waiver of Permit application and technology fees; waiver of Plan review fees for residential single lot grading and storm water management plans; and free copies of plan and permit information will be provided.
Each day of the week we will be drawing a winner for a $50.00 permit or plan review fee voucher. Winners will be announced daily on the Washington County Facebook(r) page.
Our Facebook(r) page will be hosting an "Ask the Expert" session each hour of the workday. Join Facebook(r) and "like" us at You can then post questions to our permit technicians, architects, planners, engineers and building inspectors. Our answers to your questions will be provided during a live, online "chat" session. Starting on October 10 the daily schedule is as follows:
8-9AM: Permit Processing - Permit Technician
9-10AM: Zoning - Zoning Coordinator
10-11AM: Floodplains, Storm water, Grading - Engineering Plan Reviewer
11-12PM: Subdivision, Zoning, Forest Conservation - Land Use Plan Reviewer
12-1PM: Residential Building Design - Building Plans Examiner
1-2PM: Decks, Pools, Porches - Building Plans Examiner
2-3PM: Building Construction Inspection - Building Inspector
3-4PM: Roads, Traffic, Paving, Driveways - Engineering Plan Reviewer
Visit our offices at 80 West Baltimore Street in Hagerstown between 8AM and 4PM daily. We will be providing free coffee, juice and goodies all day and will have additional educational information for our residents on home safety, energy efficiency, pool and hot tub safety, as well as information on building codes.
"Regulations associated with the planning, permitting, zoning, inspections, etc. are difficult to understand. Washington County wants to help explain these regulations to residents and offer them assistance in accessing our services," said Washington County Administrator Greg Murray. "We ask that the general public take advantage of this week to learn more and possibly start or finish a project around their home - like adding a deck or constructing a shed."
Building permits are required for the construction, alteration, repair, addition and removal of structures. This includes sheds, decks, new commercial tenant or change of use.
To learn more about the Washington County Residential Building Permit Process, visit or contact Washington County Director of Public Relations and Community Affairs Sarah Lankford Sprecher at 240-313-2215 or

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