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Sharpsburg 250th Anniversary Celebration Continues at the Miller House in Hagerstown

PHOTO: A rife stock from the gunsmith Daniel Marker, Jr., one of five members of his family who made guns and gunpowder in the town in the early to mid-1800s.

Sharpsburg 250th Anniversary Celebration Continues at the Miller House in Hagerstown

Sharpsburg celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding in July with festivities and exhibits in the town. Now some of those exhibits will be on display as an invitational exhibit at the Miller House, 135 W. Washington St., in downtown Hagerstown. The exhibit, Sharpsburg, More Than Antietam, coordinated by the Sharpsburg Historical Society opens on Saturday, Aug. 17, with a reception from 1-3 p.m. and will be in place until Sept. 27.
Documents signed by the founder Joseph Chapline, photos of the Great Spring at different times, items from the Antietam Ironworks including a large piece of pig iron, illustrations of Sharpsburg from periodicals of the time of the Civil War, histories of Sharpsburg churches and their cemeteries, photographs of the old schools with class pictures, and maps of the town, with owners identified, will be featured.
Models of the kinds of boats that worked on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, pictures of boat captains and a bill of lading for Boat 55 will be part of the exhibit that focuses on the main employer of the town in the late 1870s. Included also will be recognition of the myriad of the town's small businesses, which included gunsmiths, blacksmiths, tanners, millers of all sorts of grain and lumber, and the general stores, including a store ledger from the 1850s. Letters, memoirs, and reminiscences of former citizens will help tell the story of the oldest town in Washington County.
In addition to documents and uniforms reflecting the participation of Sharpsburg residents in military conflicts from the French and Indian War through modern conflicts, the Sharpsburg relics that are in the static Civil War exhibit owned by the Washington County Historical Society will highlight the service of town residents.
The historical societies invite anyone who has items, documents, or photographs that would add to Sharpsburg's story to share them for this special exhibit. Please contact the Miller House before Aug. 11.
The exhibit will be open during regular hours of the Miller House Museum, Wednesday through Friday, from 1-4 p.m. It is recommended that visitors call 301-797-8782 before coming to make sure that staff or volunteers are available to conduct tours. Saturday group tours can be arranged by appointment. Admission prices are: $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for seniors and students, and children, 14 and under, are free. Visit

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