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Don't let the pet "GOBLINS" ruin your Halloween

Don't let the pet "GOBLINS" ruin your Halloween

Hagerstown, MD: The Humane Society of Washington County, Inc. is asking pet owners to be extra cautious and provide a safe and stress-free Halloween for their pets. Remember the "GOBLINS" and make this trick or treating fun for all.
1. G- Give them a quiet place during the festivities. Do not allow them near open doors as they may become frightened and try to run out into the street.
2. O- Ouch! Watch the wires and the lights. Don't let your pet chew on cords or pieces of glass or plastic. The result could be fatal.
3. B- Be careful of the great pumpkin. The candle inside of a pumpkin can burn your pet and possibly catch your home on fire. Use extra caution around any flame, especially one that throws frightening shadows during this devilish evening.
4. L- Leave the costume off your pet if they don't love it. Don't dress them if you aren't certain they want to be dressed up. If you feel compelled to dress your pet make sure the costume you chose is the right size and doesn't have anything hanging off of it that could catch on things, be chewed or could choke them. Remember to keep them away from candles as costumes are often made of flammable material.
5. I- Identification is important. Always have a collar with proper identification on your pet. If by chance, your pet gets loose they can be returned to you quickly.
6. N- No scary surprises. Make sure the little ghouls and goblins you invite into your home know that there are pets in the house and make sure everyone is comfortable with each other. Never allow your pet to be frightened by visitors.
7. S- Stash the candy safely away. Treats are for people not pets. Chocolate is especially dangerous for your pet in any amount so keep it safely away at all times. Remember that crinkly, shiny candy wrappers may attract your pets but they could be dangerous if swallowed. If you suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn't call your veterinarian immediately or contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

The Humane Society of Washington County is located at 13011 Maugansville Road in Hagerstown, MD. Visit our website,, for information on animal related issues, directions to the shelter and information about our programs and services.

The Humane Society of Washington County exists to improve the quality of life for all animals. Through education, legislation, action and leadership, we strive to eliminate overpopulation and to foster an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion.

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