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WWII Living History at Rose Hill Day

WWII Living History at Rose Hill Day

The Timeline of Living History programs continues at the Children's Museum of Rose Hill Manor Park when WWII is featured at the annual Rose Hill Day on Sunday, August 19 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Groups of WWII re enactors will present living history focusing on the life of the soldier; the Paper Dolls will present the role of women during WWII; and other groups will focus on field equipment displays and air crews and flight gear and preparing for missions. Children will be able to try on actual equipment, view jeeps and maybe a troop carrier, perhaps learn about the American reaction to German dachshund dogs during the war, and view some airplane nose art while "creating nose art" on their own paper airplanes. For special historical fun, families may follow clues while venturing around the property to discover answers to a WWII "home front trivia game" for a small prize.
Two very special guests will include Guy Whidden, a veteran 101st airborne paratrooper who jumped at Normandy on D Day and later in Holland, and "Eleanor Roosevelt" (aka Stephanie Torres) who has graciously consented to bring her Scottie representing FDR's beloved "Fala."
In addition, the Francis Scott Key Car Club will sponsor its annual antique car show and car parts flea market from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The Children's Museum will offer food, fellowship, and fun from noon-3 p.m. during the ice cream social. Visitors may enjoy playing a few holes of miniature golf (Ike loved golf), and children may create a "Fala" bookmark or stick puppet to commemorate the day's events.
Ice cream and sundae toppings /will be available at $1 a bowl, and toppings, and drinks for 50 cents each.
The event is free with the manor house offering a special admission fee for the day. Rose Hill Manor Park, 1611 North Market Street, Frederick, MD, is operated by the Frederick Co. Div. or Parks & Recreation. Further information - call 301-600-1650 or visit

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