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Portraiture and Figure Drawing Classes at HCC

Portraiture and Figure Drawing Classes at HCC

The Washington County Arts Council is pleased to announce its July 2012 exhibits, "The Light and Color of Nature and the World of Man" by Ira Lourie and "Body and Soul" student works from Janet Salter's Portraiture and Figure Drawing Classes at Hagerstown Community College.
Ira S. Lourie is a photographer and physician who resides in Hagerstown. He photographs many of his works in Western Maryland and Montana, which are areas that his work as a physician takes him. His love of both places drives him to work as a physician in those locations. Dr. Lourie is also a frequent traveler with his camera to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, and has recently spent some time in Italy, New Zealand and Kenya.
Dr. Lourie writes, "I love to take photographs which reflect how light and color come together to display the natural beauty of nature and architecture created by man. My photographic mentor taught me to stop whenever I come upon a view that evokes some emotion in me. However, more importantly, he instructed me to wait before I started shooting pictures until I could soak in the essence of the scene. Of course, one cannot linger too long before shooting the pictures as light is the essence of photography, a special light is what makes a special photograph and special light is often fleeting."
Dr. Lourie has exhibited at Benjamin Gallery, in Hagerstown, MD, and at J. Cooper Gallery and Bridge Gallery, both in Shepherdstown, WV
Accompanying Dr. Lourie's exhibit, in the North Gallery will be the "Body and Soul" student works from Janet Salter's Portraiture and Figure Drawing Classes at Hagerstown Community College.
Portraiture and Figure Drawing classes at HCC are designed for those with basic drawing skill. Instructor, Janet Salter provides a solid understanding of how inner structure affects outer appearance. In her classes, Salter further explores with the students how this knowledge increases the impact of a portrait or a figure drawing.
Participating artists are Jill Atherton, Amanda Fairchild, Dorothy Gertz, Madeline Harmon, Monique Hope, Rachel Krumpelman, Brooke Long, Donna Mason, Chris Mitchell, Rachel Parks, Sean Plunkett, Marge Poling, Jeremy Prince and Lauren Doyle Vaccari.
The Washington County Arts Council will host an opening reception on Saturday, July 7, 2012 from 2-4 pm at the gallery located at 14 W Washington Street just off the square in downtown Hagerstown. The exhibits run from 7/6/2012 through 7/31/2012.
For information, contact interim gallery manager, Rebecca Gonzalez at 301-791-3132 or

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