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Attend the Third Annual Washington County, MD Garden Tour

Attend the Third Annual Washington County, MD Garden Tour
Come spend a day in the garden with "Friends"...

Boonsboro, MD (May 9, 2012) - The Washington County Rural Heritage Museum (RHM) invites you to the Third Annual Washington County Garden Tour on Saturday, June 9 2012, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Spend your day traveling around the county and exploring the magnificent sights within six gardens. The admission cost for the event is $10.00 per person for all gardens. Tickets sold only the day of the event at each garden.
Garden Descriptions:
Tomlin Gardens (326 N Main St, Boonsboro)
The full sun Main Street garden of Boonsboro was quite a challenge for a former shade gardener. The garden becomes a haven for butterflies with the brightly colored annuals. The nicely tended pleasant side garden with a beautiful white fence and multiple vine covered arbors unsuspectingly precedes and leads to the most exciting unusual whimsical garden one could ever find. Incredibly designed with flower-covered gazebos, the garden is a collector's delight. A waterfall, ponds, a music garden, animal themes, and collections of eye-catching treasures are what make this garden so unique. And watch out for Muffy!
The Sharing Gardens- Kathy Kline (8125 Sharpsburg Pike, Boonsboro)
The gardens at the Kline home are built with love. They show Kathy's love for gardening, flowers, and plants. This three-acre property is planted for birds, bees, and butterflies. While some are not picture perfect, they are meant to be shared with wildlife- enjoyed, walked through, touched and smelled. Also on the property are vegetable gardens, along with chickens, turkeys and rabbits. In 2008, when Kathy lost her son, she began "The Sharing Gardens" after receiving some plants from a friend. This garden reminded her not only of her son Mike, but also of the giver each time walking by. As a way to keep her son's memory alive, she decided to open her gardens and the Memory Garden in his honor. Kathy has also published a cookbook "Plain Jane Vanilla." Copies will be available for purchase.
German Four-Square Garden, Rural Heritage Museum (7313 Sharpsburg Pike, Boonsboro)
Early Swiss and German settlers of this area brought their traditional garden plan with them: four symmetrical, raised garden beds laid out with packed earth paths between the beds and a picket fence around to protect the vegetables and provide support for vining plants. Here traditional herbs, lettuces, spring onions, sweet peas and dye-stuffs were grown.
Make time to visit the Fahrney Garden while on the property. This garden is a representation of the herbs that Dr. Fahrney left in his medical papers. He grew, collected or bought by mail order these plants to heal the four parts of the body: respiratory, digestive, skin and circulatory.
The Master Gardeners will also be having an heirloom plant sale during the tour at the four-square garden. Old fashioned heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herb plants will be sold.
English Cottage Garden (207 W Main St, Sharpsburg)
The English Cottage Garden meets crazed American gardener. That is what comes to mind as you stroll through this fairly new garden created by Tim Valerio in just one year. Nestled in a outcropping of rocks along side St. Paul's Episcopal Church, you will be greeted by a plethora of plants including 70 or so boxwoods, day lilies, roses, clematis, and a great assortment of perennials. Don't miss the great assortment of concrete elements awaiting your visit. Enjoy!
Klein Gardens (20326 Townsend Road, Rohrersville)
This Pleasant Valley ornamental "Private Park," on which Union soldiers camped after the Battle of South Mountain, hosts a collection of more than 200 trees and numerous shrubs. Trees are dominated by conifers but include many unique and dwarf trees of all types, as well as Japanese maples. These plants are positioned to balance color, texture, form, and size to provide year-round interest. Underlying and accenting the trees are a variety of woody and perennial groundcovers, winter-blooming heathers, and flowering perennials. Additional features include a planted roadside stonewall embankment, two small ponds and a large raised-bed perennial garden to attract insects and birds. On the practical side are a raised-bed nursery, boxwood-bordered herb harden, and a fenced 60'x80' organic vegetable garden with large compost bins, worktables, trellis and mounted sprinklers. The property is an example of various maturity stages.
Aldis Gardens- Neighboring State Garden (4911 River Road, Shepherdstown)
Sitting on a 10-acre property, the home was originally two log cabins built in the 1800's later combined into a single brick-walled structure around 1910. Dr. John Aldis lived in this house from 1947-1952 and returned to it in 2001. The house sits on the northwest corner of a 10-acre square, which has several deep hollows and many limestone ridges. There are walking paths over the entire property. The garden has flower berms protected with deer fencing. There is a greenhouse/conservatory that is used to protect Asian plants during the winter. A large cistern collects roof water. A new well helps with irrigation of the garden. Most of the current landscaping was started in 2003, but changes and extensions are regularly made. Pheny Aldis is the gardener of the family, but John helps out when he can.
Please Note: There is no set route for this tour. We strongly encourage those who participate to choose their own route, as all gardens will be open during the specified time.
About the Rural Heritage Museum: The Washington County Rural Heritage Museum (RHM) provides a learning environment highlighting our region's beginnings and history, and how our rural and agricultural heritage continues to play a role in Washington County. The mission of the RHM is to preserve the past, educate and stimulate public awareness in Washington County, prior to 1940. We are located at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center, 7313 Sharpsburg Pike, 7 miles South of Hagerstown on Route 65. For more information, call 240-420-1714 or visit
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