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The musical theater treasure "Annie Get Your Gun" comes to the Smithsburg High School stage

The musical theater treasure "Annie Get Your Gun" comes to the
Smithsburg High School stage

Smithsburg High School students will perform their spring musical "Annie Get Your Gun" this March.
"Annie Get Your Gun" combines romance, show business, the old American Wild West and the unforgettable music of Irving Berlin.
The story of "Annie Get Your Gun" is a fictionalized version of famed American sharpshooter Annie Oakley and her exploits with the celebrated Buffalo Bill and his Wild West show.
Annie Oakley is a poor, but spirited and happy, country girl who lives by her native sharp-shooting quickly makes her the star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show where she meets and falls in love with expert rifleman Frank Butler. Unfortunately, the tough, outspoken Annie is not Frank's idea of what a wife should be and the two remain at competitive odds. Then Annie is initiated into an Indian tribe whose Chief, Sitting Bull, gives her some good advice: only by deliberately, but discreetly, losing a shooting contest can she win Frank. Annie does so and the show ends with the exuberant climax "There's No Business Like Show Business".
Set to the timeless music of Irving Berlin, the show contains such musical theater classics as, "There's No Business Like Show Business," "Doin' What Comes Naturally," "You Can't Get a Man With a Gun," "They Say It's Wonderful," "My Defenses Are Down," and "Anything You Can Do". "This is the first show in the last 10 years that has incorporated a full sized orchestra. Working with the same music that Broadway musicians use is no easy task," said Morgan Schrader, 12th grade (Bass in pit orchestra).
With a great deal of work and attention to detail, the cast and crew at SHS have created a meaningful night of theatre. "I'm glad to be working with all my friends because everyone seems to be really into this performance and it will be the best show we have put on in a while," said Jack Nehemias, 12th grade (Frank Butler).
Emma Conlon (Annie Oakley), who graduates this year says, "I'm excited beyond words to be in the show and to play this part! I'm really going to miss it when it's over."
Finding out who they are and what their abilities are is important to Donovan Lawrence, an 11th grader who plays Tommy Keeler, says, "After three shows, this is the first time that I have a full character to work with. It's really exciting to be able to experiment with different ways of portraying Tommy.
"This show is constant comedy. There is never a moment when you are bored because you are always laughing at what the characters say," said Zach Baker, 12th grade (Sitting Bull).
To bring "Annie Get Your Gun" to life on the Smithsburg stage, director Ruth Bradley has hired Shepherd music major, and former Smithsburg student, Shannen Banzhoff '10, to music direct the show. The pit is coordinated once again by Andy Wallace and conducted by David Francechina, a former band director in Frederick County. The show is stage managed by senior, Christina Dunlap, with costumes by SHS theatre classes and booster parents, props by the student technical crew, sound design by Mark Jardina '06, and set constructed by health teacher Brian Getz assisted by his Diversified Occupations class and Dan Hessong '06.
This production features a mix of students ranging from 9th grade to 12th. Newcomer, Grace Crouch (9th grade understudy Dolly), said, "This is my first show at Smithsburg and I love AGYG because the dances are fun and creative, the characters are well developed, and everything ties together."
The cast for "Annie Get Your Gun" is as follows:
Annie Oakley - Emma Conlon
Frank Butler - Jack Nehemias
Buffalo Bill Cody - Danny Barr
Tommy Keeler - Donovan Lawrence
Winnie Tate - Bethany Happel
Dolly Tate - Lauren Greenwood
Charlie Davenport - Connor Brown
Mac - Trevor Fulmer
Foster Wilson / Pawnee Bill - Jared Banzhoff
Sitting Bull - Zach Baker
Jessie - Courtney Graves
Nellie - Aly Getz
Little Jake - Harrison Brown
These young performers have worked hard and I encourage you to see their show!
"I am really excited to be a part of this western style show. It is funny to hear the actors in their southern accents and attempting to portray the characters to their fullest. I am very excited for March so I can see the full performance," said Christina Dunlap, 12th grade (production stage manager).
Wild West Chorus: Carrie Barr, Grace Crouch, Nikita Golizdra, Courtney Graves, Alissa Howard, Marisa Marquez, Brianna Meyer, Torre Montoya, Danial Murray, Josilyn Sartin, Cody Souders, Diego Vallejo, and Randy Young.
Calamity Christina's Stage Crew: Christina Dunlap, Megan Graves, Laura Hartman, Corey Bryce, Ben Connelly, Asia Hendricks, Brianna Meyer, CJ Kendle, Scott Elwood, Melissa Toms, JoAnn Brown, Bekah Horst, Arianne Frantz, Tess Dorsey, and Jacob Madock.
Armadillo Andy and Dastardly David's Shutter Shakin' Saloon Time Band: Colton Duvall, Nathanial Laye, Patrick Conlon, Kyle Greenwood, Natalie Larsen, Jacob Heward, Jacob Waeyaert '11, Dominique Dilandro, Janice Edwards, Jensine Edwards, Morgan Schrader, Justine Wallace, Jessica Edwards, additional musicians from Shepherd College, Jamye Surgeon, David Franscechina, and Andy Wallace.
"The strong characters and classic music of Irving Berlin make this production stand out from any other I have done. I didn't realize how many of the songs I was familiar with until I read the script and listened to the cast album. You will leave this show humming the tunes," said Ms. Bradley, director.
"Annie Get Your Gun" is set to run on March 15th and 16th at 7:30 p.m., and the 17th at 2 and 7:30 p.m. in the Smithsburg High School auditorium, 66 North Main Street, Smithsburg. A Special Spaghetti Dinner Show will take place on the 16th in the school's cafeteria from 5:30-6:30 p.m. with the show beginning at 7:30 p.m. Reservations are required for the dinner show.
Those interested please call 301-766-8336. A coupon for students with an ID is available for opening night at:
Hope to see you there!

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