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Celebrity Blunders, Bombs and Breakups

Celebrity Blunders, Bombs and Breakups - Americans Find Escape and Enjoyment in Entertainment News

(ARA)- Wall Street's rollercoaster ride, dwindling nest eggs, mortgage meltdowns, high gas prices and the impending recession -- 2008 was rough a year. While many Americans were relieved that their problems weren't front page news, they found escape in the public breakups, pesky paparazzi, wardrobe malfunctions, career-crushing blunders and other nuisances that plagued many big-name celebrities this past year.
From the on-again, off-again romance of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, to Paris Hilton's presidential campaign ad, to two new additions to the Brangelina brood, 2008 was not all bad in the world of entertainment. Here's a lighthearted look at some of the top celebrity stories of the year from the Hollywood-watchers at MSN.
What's in a name? This past year saw an explosion of celebrity pregnancies and what seemed to be a competition for the strangest name. While Emma and Aiden were the most popular baby names among us common folk, singer Ashlee Simpson, younger sister of Jessica Simpson, named her baby Bronx Mowgli. And Gwen Stefani introduced Zuma Nesta Rock to the world, making Suri sound somewhat normal.
Robert Downey Jr. made a career comeback with multiple big-screen successes in 2008, including the title role in "Iron Man" and an hilarious turn in "Tropic Thunder." Sadly, however, one of the most-longed-for team-ups in movie history - Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino finally scoring screen time together in the crime saga "Heat" - was roundly panned by critics and fans alike.
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