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It's Only Ink! Rip Squeak and His Friends

It's Only Ink!
Rip Squeak and His Friends

After the humans left the little cottage in the woods, Rip sat at his desk and daydreamed about a new adventure. Feeling a little hungry, he and his little sister Jesse and her doll, Bunny, head to the kitchen. Just turning the corner, they heard a loud meow. Nervous they approached a sad looking kitten named Abbey. Rip introduced himself. The kitten told them that she felt sad because her family left without her and she was now all alone. "You're not alone," Rip said. And this began a wonderful new friendship. The three quickly became close friends, playing games, reading stories, acting out scenes, eating popcorn, and singing with Euripides the frog.
"Rip Squeak and His Friends" lets readers know that friends are easy to find if you just take the time to get to know someone.
Children and parents will come back to the Rip Squeak book series again and again. Sure to be a family favorite.
The husband and wife team, Leonard Filgate and Susan Yost-Filgate, have put a fantastic series of books featuring these wonderful characters. Leonard Filgate's richly detailed paintings, which hark back to the work of the great turn-of-the century illustrations, combine with Susan Yost-Filgate's exciting story to bring this magical world to life.
This book comes highly recommended.
Raven Tree Press is an independent press committed to providing high-quality picture books in a variety of formats Bilingual, English-Only or Spanish-Only.

Rip Squeak and His Friends: A Rip Squeak Book By Susan Yost-Filgate
Illustrated by Leonard Filgate
Published by Raven Tree Press,
Release: 2008
ISBN-10: 0974782505
ISBN-13: 978-0974782508
Format: Hardcover
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Pages: 32 pages
Price: $16.95 (HC)

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