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Try a New Twist on a Favorite Romantic Gift

Try a New Twist on a Favorite Romantic Gift

(ARA)-Chocolate has been called the food of the gods; in fact, its scientific name, Theobroma Cacao, translates to just that. The ancient Aztecs used it as a royal aphrodisiac, and Casanova believed that drinking cocoa would increase his amorous energy and preferred it to even champagne.
If you're going to indulge in this historical treat, don't waste the calories on something unmemorable. Instead, take the time to seek out high quality chocolates. These treats are meant to be eaten slowly and savored for their deep flavor and rich texture. Try something different with Jacques Torres for Origins Sensory Therapy Chocolate. This master chocolatier has created a bar to help inspire desire by combining the finest dark chocolate with essences of enticing jasmine, sensuous cinnamon and sultry vanilla.
Chocolate has benefits far beyond taste. If you're watching what you eat, combine relaxation with the sensuousness of chocolate, without the fat. The Theobroma Cacao plant has many benefits to be enjoyed, not just wonderful taste--its pleasing aroma and skin-softening properties have been celebrated by many cultures. Experience chocolate with all of your senses, without worrying about fitting into your jeans the next day.
For chocolate kisses without the calories, try the mood-boosting lip balm from Origins cocoa therapy Love Collection. Moisture-rich cocoa, murumuru and shea butters soften and hydrate lips. The aroma of natural cocoa gives another reason to smile. And, the five delectable flavors fit every mood. Choose from Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Cordial, Chocolate Latte, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Truffle.
To set the perfect ambiance, don't forget the warm glow of candlelight. Origins mood-brightening candle creates a luminous flame that's sure to spark romance. The euphoric aroma of cocoa blends with a hint of vanilla, ginger and orange to fill the air with the scent of love.

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