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Movies From the Black Lagoon: Atlantis Interceptors

Movies From the Black Lagoon
Atlantis Interceptors - 1983, Rated R

A pair of adventurers gets drawn into a plot to rediscover the lost continent in this so-so action yarn that offers plenty of eye candy but little that you can digest. Director Roger Franklin employs a bold strategy to tell this thin tale, which amounts to never letting the audience in on what's going on, and it keeps you interested if not entertained.
It all begins with a title card that tells us we're watching a story set in Miami during 1994. That said there are no futuristic conceits so you just have to take their word on it. Next, we meet our heroes - Mike and Washington, hereby shortened to Wash. We know they're cool because they dress like they're auditioning for "Miami Vice" and can effortlessly cut their way through a pair of guards whose sole purpose appears to be guarding an old man. Mike and Wash effortlessly steal the old gentleman and seal him in a plastic bag before delivering him to a faceless benefactor named "The Colonel". The movie then drops this plot element leaving me to wonder what old men are worth to shady guys who use military ranks as synonyms and hide their features behind overly tinted windshields.
Meanwhile, a scientist named Cathy is brought aboard a sea station where a quasi-military operation is intent on raising a downed Russian submarine. The chief scientist explains that she is needed to decipher a tablet found at the scene, which appears to be from the lost continent of Atlantis. Trouble ensues when they try to lift the submarine. Atlantis comes rising up too and for some unexplained reason it causes a storm and power outage. Actually, they never explain anything in this movie so the next bit shouldn't shock you.
Back on the mainland a gang of leather clad punks appear on motorcycles and begin laying waste to the cityscape. A guy who sports a skull mask leads them and they have some connection to Atlantis though they also rock lots of face paint, which could just make them angry clowns, or "Kiss" fans. Either way they are all that's left of the city by the time Mike, Wash, and the scientists make it to the mainland. The film now turns into "Escape From Miami" as our group must out run the gang. They are soon whittled down by the shotgun bearing fiends who then steal Cathy (hey, I though it was old men that were valuable). Mike decides to go after her and the group steals a chopper to fly out to Atlantis where they find more shotgun toting thugs and plenty of bullet ballets as they brave a series of traps to enter a fortress and rescue Cathy.
I enjoyed the action scenes in this one but it is hard to tell you much about the plot as the film kept it to itself. That said this movie might reveal more information to viewers who have the courage to view it several times over, however, I'm pretty sure it won't be worth the effort. At least it's packaged alongside 19 other movies in a set called "Grindhouse Experience 2". Brave viewers will find plenty of diversions in this collection but those of you who insist on little things like structure are encouraged to look elsewhere.
Best Line: "Hey, Wash, if you were an island where would you be?"

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