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Cordless Freedom From Your Video Game System

Cordless Freedom From Your Video Game System

(NAPSI)-Your mother always told you not to sit too close to the television. Unfortunately, when you're gaming, you usually don't have a choice.
Until recently, corded controllers tethered players to their console. Just like sitting in the front row of a movie theater, sitting close to a big-screen TV is not a good idea. Scan lines can be distracting for people who sit too close and the bright lights may have an adverse effect on your vision.
Experts recommend sitting at least two to three times the screen size back from the screen. That means the optimal viewing distance for a 32-inch screen is at least eight feet away and even farther for a big screen TV. In the end, most gamers sit too close, have their console in the middle of the floor, or have cables stretched to their limit in the airspace between the television and the couch.
Today, there is a solution for PlayStation and Xbox gamers. Logitech has created full-function cordless controllers that provide gamers with the freedom to move around within a 30-foot radius of their system.
"A controller is a trusted partner to any gamer," said Jef Holove, director of marketing for Logitech's Interactive Entertainment products. "Logitech is pleased to be offering console gamers the cordless freedom they crave, along with the most desirable features on the market."
Dual analog mini-joysticks, an accurate D-pad and eight pressure-sensitive buttons give total control of the game, while vibration feedback technology lets you feel all the hits, crashes, explosions and other effects. Fifty hours of battery life prolong the excitement.
You don't even need an uncluttered line of sight to play with the new controllers, because they work through furniture or anything else that might get in the way-like little brother crossing your path on his way to the kitchen for a snack.
You'll finally be free to sit back and play. And more important, your mom will be happy to see you're not sitting too close to the TV anymore-and she's not tripping over the cords.
The Logitech Cordless Action Controller is compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 systems. The Logitech Cordless Precision Controller is compatible with Xbox systems. Both controllers are available now.
For more information, go to Now you can get all the excitement of gaming and still listen to your mother.

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