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Getting Playful With Home Entertaining

Getting Playful With Home Entertaining

(NAPSI)-Entertaining is a great way to kick back with friends and family. Though the most popular time to entertain is around major holidays or birthdays, why wait for such an occasion? You can throw a fantastic, playful party anytime just to celebrate the joy of being with friends. With a few simple tips from Dancing Bull wines, playful entertaining is simple and fun!
Everything Eclectic
To begin planning your soiree, you'll need to consider your guest list. Be sure to invite an eclectic mix of friends and family. This way, there will be a wide assortment of personalities and interests. Invite a mixture of college buddies, work colleagues, acquaintances from the gym or even your book club. You may also want to include a few favorite cousins or even a "friend of a friend" to add excitement. Social gatherings are the perfect way to meet new people!
Getting Into the Game
A great way to break the ice and help people mingle is to have games for your guests to play. Organize an assortment of outdoor games like touch football or croquet-a game best enjoyed with a glass of wine in your hand! From the backyard to the living room, your guests will get a kick out of playing old favorites like trivia or word games. And remember, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone! Why not award prizes to winning guests, like noisemakers and a bottle of Dancing Bull Zinfandel?
Playful Pairings
Be sure to keep the mood of your food spicy and fun, and remember, great parties deserve a great wine.
"Dancing Bull Zinfandel is a big, bold wine with intense fruit flavors," says winemaker Eric Cinnamon. "It pairs perfectly with a variety of foods and is especially good with pizza and barbecued meats."
Why not have some fun with your menu and create a make-your-own pizza station. To do this, set out pre-baked individual pizza crusts with an assortment of toppings. Don't just stick to the basic mushrooms and pepperoni-add a little zing by setting out unusual toppings like pineapple and barbecued chicken bits. Let your guests play with creating customized pizzas while you man the ovens. Simply pop the pizzas in for a few minutes and your guests are ready to dine!
No matter how big or small your get-together is, remember the most important thing is that both you and your guests have fun-a little creativity and a lot of laughs are the recipes for success when it comes to playful entertaining!

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