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It's Only Ink! Cricket

It's Only Ink!

As a girl, I was lucky enough to have parents who didn't tell me that climbing trees, playing with bugs, making mud pies and playing football with the neighborhood kids were "boys" things.
They allowed me to express myself and be who I wanted to be.
In CRICKET by Robert W Brannon, Kristie "Cricket" Adams had the same type of parents. Cricket, 9 years old, enjoys playing baseball. As a dedicated, talented pitcher, and first basement and hitter, Cricket has played in her town's minor little league program for 2 years. She has high hopes of being selected to participate in the upper level teams. Cricket gives it her all every time she takes the field. But she quickly learns, from teammates and friends, the difference of being a girl in what is thought of as a "boys" sport.
Cricket accepts the challenges and obstacles that are set before her and learns that determination, motivation, and persistence gets you everywhere.
With whit and charm, Brannon's story makes for a fantastic read. It is both heartwarming and comical, inspiring and poignant. This is a wonderful story about one girl's courage and struggle. Fabulous!
Young girls, who do not see themselves stuck doing only "girlie" things, will surely enjoy reading about Cricket. I believe young boys will also learn from Brannon's story that just because their teammate, classmate, friend, or other is a girl, doesn't mean she can't compete with them. Sometimes they'll even lose.
CRICKET is an eye-opener, and sadly, even though it is 2008, girls - any age - still face the ridiculous thought that boys are better at everything.
Robert W Brannon lives in Hagerstown with his wife. His story is based off his own daughter, Kristie's "Cricket" love for America's favorite pastime and the obstacles she had to overcome to see her dream come true. CRICKET was written in memory of Kristie Dawn Brannon.

CRICKET by Robert W Brannon
Published by iUniverse (
Release: 2008
ISBN: 9780595428328 (pb); 9780595884636 (hc)
Price: $20.95 (pb); $30.95 (hc)
Ages: 8 and up
Pages: 370

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