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Does An Evolving Church Frighten You?

Does An Evolving Church Frighten You?

(NewsUSA)- Over the years, the atmosphere of the church has migrated from a quiet place of worship to that of music and praise.
However, millions of people in their fifties, sixties, and seventies feel their churches have been hijacked by these church-growth movements characterized by loud praise bands, constant PowerPoint presentations and cavernous mega-churches devoid of any personal touches. They are bewildered by the changes and are dropping out after thirty, forty or fifty years in a congregation. Some consider it a crisis.
According to the Barna Group, a company who seeks to use their strengths in partnership with Christian ministries and individuals to be a catalyst in moral and spiritual transformation in the United States, the church as we know it will be gone in 20 years.
A new book called Who Stole My Church? gives pastors and church members hope that they can overcome the obstacles and accept change in the growing church.
In this fictional story, pastor and author Gordon MacDonald uses topical examples and all-too-familiar characters to reassure readers that it is possible to embrace change and to demonstrate how change can actually be a positive influence in their church.
"There are many books on church change. Usually written from the standpoint and the instruction of the change agent, the leader who has the responsibility to bring about something new," writes MacDonald. "In this book, however, I decided to deal with the subject from the perspective of some of the people who are powerfully affected by change -; the dear people in the pew who have to live with and even support the new ways."
While he understands the frustrations that come with change, MacDonald believes that finding a way to move gracefully into the twenty-first century is necessary for the church to survive. "Any church that has not turned its face toward the younger generation will simply cease to exist," he says. "We're not talking decades - we're talking just a few years."
Gordon MacDonald has been a pastor and author for more than forty years. He serves as editor-at-large for Leadership Journal and as a former chairman of World Relief. His most recent books include: The Life God Blesses, Renewing Your Spiritual Passion, Rebuilding Your Broken World, the best-seller Ordering Your Private World and When Men Think Private Thoughts.
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