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Made From Scratch Cooks up Inspiration

Made From Scratch Cooks up Inspiration

(NewsUSA)- Many people have found guidance through the words and the stories of others in best-selling books such as "The Glass Castle" and "The Memory Keeper's Daughter." Now, Food Network star Sandra Lee, of Semi-Homemade Cooking, looks to bring a renewed sense of hope to people across the country who would like to create their own success from scratch.
Throughout "Made From Scratch," her new memoir, Lee is stunningly open about her abusive childhood and the responsibility thrust upon her at an early age to be the caretaker of her four younger siblings. Even when dealing with setbacks as an adult, such as a failed first company and a divorce, Lee has, wiser from her past, dedicated herself to Semi-Homemade and the plight of the over-extended homemaker and has never looked back.
If you're in need of a recipe for life success, Lee's memoir is an uplifting story of determination and survival peppered with inspiration on everything from love to business:
* Adversity. Everything has a reason and a purpose. Our job is to figure out what lessons we're supposed to learn from each experience and how to use them in our own lives or impart them to others.
* Business. When starting your own business, you have either trained for the journey, or you are preparing to fail. When times get tough, remove yourself from the situation, and it will help you to gain valuable insights.
* Growth. If you allow yourself a little bit of freedom and forgiveness, you're making room for personal growth. Everyone is still a work in progress.
* Grace. Grace means learning to balance the good days with the bad. The secret to survival is to embrace life's challenges and not to let them dictate your frame of mind or determine your fate.
* Love. From money and fame to power and prestige, it's all worthless if you aren't happy. Happiness, your true inner beauty, can only be found when you love yourself.
To learn more, check out Sandra Lee's "Made From Scratch" at A portion of the proceeds will benefit various charities.

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