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It's Only Ink! Bad Rats

It's Only Ink!
Bad Rats

I had the pleasure of reading Eric Drachman's Los Angeles Times Children's Bestseller "Leo the Lightning Bug" during its pre-publication stages, as well as several of his other titles for children. I was impressed with his story writing and clear messages to children in each and every one of them. In my reading "Bad Rats" I felt even more impressed and it hit me as to what wonderful stories this author has to tell. His story writing grabs your attention and keeps it until the very end.
In "Bad Rats" Josiah and the other "Bad Rats" are sent to sit on the curb by Professor Perimeter. He feels they have behavioral problems and aren't being a good rat. Perimeter begins by telling the rats what makes them "Bad Rats". But Josiah isn't a bad rat. Neither are his friends. In fact, he and his friends are just being themselves. They're creative and consider themselves "artists". For a rat, this is unheard of and certainly unacceptable in Perimeter's eyes. But can these already-labeled young rats show the professor the value in standing out and being yourself?
"Bad Rats" is a fantastic book that is sure to make you laugh with its soft, charming illustrations by James Muscarello. Drachman has you feeling for the little rats immediately. Beware though, it'll surely pull on your heartstrings as the story progresses and you realize how special each little rat is. This inspiring story comes with an audio CD. The characters reading the story on the CD, adorned with music, is touching, exciting, and delightful, and works well for those unable to read on their own. My ten-year-old daughter read this appealing book to me twice before listening to the audio CD. She absolutely loved it.
This reviewer and her children highly recommend Eric Drachman's "Bad Rats".
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Bad Rats by Eric Drachman
Illustrated by: James Muscarello
Published by Kidwick Books,
ISBN10: 1934696021
ISBN13: 978097380944
Release: 2008
Price: $18.95
Pages: 32, Hardcover
Ages: 4-8
Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland who writes children's picture books, young adult novels, and paranormal fiction. Visit her online at:

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