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Take Notice...Tarbutton Press

Take Notice...
Tarbutton Press

If I Had a White Pony by Gale O'Bryant
Children's book by Gale O'Bryant, complete with her signature artwork.
You Shall Stand Before God by Randy Minnick
This material is very frank and pulls no punches regarding some of the practices (or lack thereof) of the "Church of the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ". You will find no "political correctness" nor any wishy-washy opinions, platitudes, or patronizing.
Pawprints Upon My Heart by Mary Garwood
Mary Garwood's firsts book of heartwarming animal stories.
Gargoyle Tears by JV Harlee
Juvenile fantasy/horror co-written by award-winning children's writer Jennifer LB Leese and poet Valerie Hardin.
JV Harlee might not be gargoyles but they have written a lush gothic horror novel called Gargoyle Tears. The gargoyles are in danger. Someone has discovered a way to kill the supposedly immortal helpers of humanity. However, the coming of "the chosen one" has been prophesied, a girl child who will confront their diabolical foes.
Ethan is different. His family is different. Everything is going wrong just when everything is going right. Zombies visit him in his dreams, and gargoyles are his best friends. He's finally popular in school even though his love life is complicated. The voiceless dead and visions of murder are stalking Ethan.
Ethan must find a way to help his gargoyle friends and protect them until this savior arrives. This gothic fantasy for teens tells about his struggles to make his way in a new school, stay alive, and to save the gargoyles. He finds the courage to face his enemies, and to confront the evil that endangers his friends and family.
The Iceland Connection by D. Edward Bradley
The year is 1950 and four friends from Markham College in England are now young men in their early twenties. THE ICELAND CONNECTION is the last book in the trilogy that follows their eventful lives during and after the Second World War.
"A Touch of Sicily" Italian Cookbook by Richard San Fillippo
Cookbook by Italian Chef Richard San Filippo, a renowned food artist from California's Bay Area. Richard is well-known for his cooking shows and traditional southern Italian Fare. This book contains many "secret" family recipes.
Irish Fire by Sherry Whitten
In the blazing heat of the Nevada desert, and Irish immigrant finds herself fleeing for her life after witnessing the murder of a friend. Taking refuge at the Garrett Espress Station, Caitlin O'Reilly is vexed with her knowledge that this family has taken her in, unaware of the danger following closely behind.

Tarbutton Press offers quality electronic book (e-book) and print publishing. If you are looking for great books, they have those for you as well. They suggest that you "Take a look at some free previews of our books."

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