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It's Only Ink! Listen, Listen

It's Only Ink!
Listen, Listen

Have you ever really sat and listened to all the glorious sounds around you? When my children were younger, we used to do this often - then we'd take turns comparing what the other had heard. Bringing this kind of attention to children can only be a positive thing. By doing so, we are teaching them to pay attention to everything around them - including sound.
Phyllis Gershator has done a wonderful job at capturing the sounds of the changing seasons within a picturesque country village. The rhyming text is easy to read, imaginative, and simple.
Alison Jay's adorable full color illustrations bring the buzz of a bee, the splash of a child's foot in a puddle, the whoosh of the wind, and crunch of the snow to life. Jay's nostalgic, folk-art style and Gershator's busy scenes blend well together.
Teachers could easily incorporate "Listen, Listen" into their lesson plans. Children will surely be inspired to listen to their own surroundings after reading Gershator's charming tale. It's one of those books children will pick up again and again.
This enriching book would work wonderfully in the classroom and would make a charming addition to any library. This book was an absolute pleasure to read and comes highly recommended.
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Listen, Listen by Phillis Gershator
Illustrated by Alison Jay
Published by Barefoot Books,,
ISBN10: 1846860849
ISBN-13: 978-1846860843
Release: 2007
Price: $16.99
Pages: 32, hardcover
Ages 4-8
Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland who writes children's picture books, young adult novels, and paranormal fiction. Visit her online at:

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