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Picking the Best Television

Picking the Best Television

(NAPSI)-In just a few short years, watching television has changed more than you may have ever imagined. Widescreen and high-definition TVs were recently all but nonexistent, but advances in TV technology have ushered in a new era in electronic entertainment. Now the question of which TV is right for you becomes fuzzier as the picture becomes sharper and more high-tech. To help, here's a comparison of tube, projection, LCD and plasma TV technology.
Traditional TVs use cathode ray tubes, which generally produce a good quality picture-the picture you're probably used to. Tube TVs require more space and are much heavier than newer technologies. Current tube televisions are limited to about 40 inches. You'll generally pay less than $200 for 27-inch models and up to $800 for 40-inch sets.
Rear- and front-projection systems deliver improved picture quality in about as much space and at about the same weight as tubes. With sizes upwards of 50 inches, these televisions produce a home theater effect at reasonable prices. Consumers could pay as little as $600 for 36-inch sets and as much as $1,500 for 65-inch models.
Newly developed liquid crystal display TVs are light and thin. They're available in sizes up to 48 inches. Often found mounted on a wall, they deliver excellent picture quality. Prices begin at about $2,200 for 32-inch sets and go up to more than $5,200 for 40-inch or bigger models.
Plasma also delivers excellent picture quality in a small and light frame. Available in sizes up to 70 inches, these TVs provide a similar home theater effect as projection TVs. However, plasma has the highest price per viewing area. Consumers could pay an estimated $3,500 for 32-inch models and as much as $20,000 for 60-inch-plus sets.
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Set your sights on the best TV for your home and budget.

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