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'Digitizing' Vinyl is Music to the Ears

'Digitizing' Vinyl is Music to the Ears

(NewsUSA)- While modern audio technology, such as compact discs and digital downloading, has quickly taken over the music world in the 21st century, there's still a definitive market for the granddaddy that helped start it all -; the vinyl record.
Many record stores across the country still report strong sales of music in record format and for good reason. For many who grew up listening to analog, there's no comparison to the "warm" sound quality that only a record can provide. But for those with dozens of classic albums on record, dragging out an old record player to re-live past music experiences can be an incredibly bothersome hassle.
More importantly, taking music from a record and recording it onto a portable, digital format like a CD has not been a widely available practice. While consumers have been able to record their favorite music from radio and cassette tapes to CDs for some time, the technology required to get those old records up to digital standards has been sorely absent. Lately, however, new technology has paved a road from the past to the present. The LP Saver Phono CD Recorder, marketed by firstSTREET, is an all-in-one audio player that is able to play record albums, cassettes and CDs.
Additionally, the LP Saver Phono CD Recorder gives audiophiles a way to bring their favorite Beatles record albums into the digital age. Using advanced technology, vinyl records can be copied onto a blank, re-writable compact disc -; all with the push of a button and without a computer. The distinct sound quality that a record provides is captured in an easy-to-carry format and can be played on any CD player. As an added bonus, all of this technology is wrapped together in a retro-style cabinet design, blending in anywhere in your home.
Modern technology may be advancing quicker than you can blink, but it's also helping bridge the gap between music's humble beginnings and its digitally bright future. For more information on the LP Saver Phono CD Recorder, visit or call (866) 681-7107.

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