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Mixed Martial Arts to Hit the Big Screen

Mixed Martial Arts to Hit the Big Screen

(NewsUSA)- It happened when a scrappy, low-budget film named "Rocky" arrived in movie theaters -; boxing was exposed to an entirely new fan base, and a breath of fresh air was given to the gritty sport. Can the same be done with the fast-growing world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? One filmmaker thinks so.
Creating a plotline that centers around the sport of MMA and one man's heartfelt struggle to the top, the filmmakers at Imperia Entertainment -; producers of the anticipated 2008 release "Never Submit" -; knew that getting authentic fight scenes to make their movie stand out was essential for success. For this reason, they traveled to Dallas to work with Texas-based SUN Sports & Entertainment, a company that delivers high-energy MMA events to millions of fans worldwide.
Many of the fight scenes in the movie may contain footage from SUN's "Art of War 3," an official Pay-Per-View event sanctioned by the International Fighters Association (IFA). The plot of "Never Submit" revolves around an orphaned 22-year-old Judo champion, who begins training to enter an MMA tournament and follow in his father's footsteps.
"This was an incredible fight card, and one that MMA fans from around the world want to watch," said Kenneth Eade, Chairman of Imperia Entertainment, Inc. "We are looking forward to our upcoming film and looking for more strategic sponsorship and branding opportunities with the members of SUN."
While the film stars several talented actors, including Ernie Hudson and Corey Sevier, "Never Submit" also brings a few real-life MMA fighters into the spotlight to shine -; including legendary star fighter, Ken Shamrock. With a rags-to-riches plotline that aims to capture current fans of MMA as well as newcomers, "Never Submit" may play a part in bringing the fast-growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts to the forefront of the public eye.
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