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Movies From the Black Lagoon: Bottom Feeder, 2006, Unrated

Movies From the Black Lagoon
Bottom Feeder, 2006, Unrated

This one begins on a high note with a midnight rendezvous at an abandoned hospital between an ailing billionaire, Charles Deaver, and a scientist named Leech. Turns out that Leech has developed a super serum designed to enhance the body's ability to heal itself. Deaver is desperate for help after a fire has left him with severe burns, but he's no idiot and decides to test the serum on Leech. Since Leech is in relatively good health Deaver has his goons work him over. Unfortunately, the thugs didn't pay attention to Leech's lecture on his miracle product. Most importantly, they skipped the portion about side effects, which include a ravenous hunger. Leech has showed foresight by developing a meta-protein to be taken with the serum but the thugs neglect to throw it in with him. This turns out to be a bad thing as the subject must eat a tremendous amount to compensate for the drug. Leech gets by on the only thing in the corridor - rats. Fact is you are what you eat and Leech turns into an oversized rodent by morning.
The preceding events wind up entangling several characters who are drawn to the facility. First up is a maintenance crew, which is led by Vince and Otis, who supplement their nine to five incomes by pillaging medical supplies. They keep their activities secret from their assistants Callum- slacker/stoner type, and Sam- Vince's niece. Then there is a Rhasta hobo looking for Sheba his dog, and two thugs who allegedly work for Deaver but are actually C.I.A. agents with their own agenda natch. It doesn't take long for 'ratmandu' to make an appearance and spoil everyone's day. Callum is the first to go and winds up as so much rat food after stumbling down a blind alley. Sam runs for her life and radios Vince who suffers a change of heart about pilfering on the job and rushes to her rescue. Meanwhile, the C.I.A. agents also run afoul of ratzilla, which leaves agent Krendle on her own. She appears to suffer from anti-social personality disorder and whacks the homeless Rhasta bum before realizing that there is strength in numbers. She promptly kidnaps the maintenance crew at gun point before revealing that she has an ulterior motive. Turns out that the military wants the serum as a potential weapon and she aims to deliver it.
You've seen this type of film before but in the hands of first time director Randy Daudlin it at least gets the right treatment. Vince turns out to be a believable working stiff placed in an over the top situation. He is interpreted by actor/human train wreck Tom Sizemore.
It is no secret that Sizemore has had more hurdles than Mark Foley's publicist. A string of arrests for drug abuse weren't helped by his foolish attempt to fool his probation officer by smuggling clean urine to his drug screening via a prosthetic penis. Mr. Sizemore was nailed on two occasions for using said device, which he purchased off the Internet and is termed "The Whizzinator". Sadly, he's got oodles of talent, as displayed here, but no commonsense.
Best Line: "You didn't say that the rat had a gun."

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