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Movies From the Black Lagoon: Fury of the Wolfman

Movies From the Black Lagoon
Fury of the Wolfman- 1971, Rated R

For a mere dollar you too can check out this insane entry in the Wolfman genre from the prolific Paul Naschy. Naschy is not what you'd expect from a horror actor. He looks like a cross between John Belushi and wrestler Billy Graham - but don't be fooled - this guy, as a triple threat, also writes and directs films, which mostly feature him as various monsters.
The film begins, funnily enough, with Naschy, here cast as Walter Daminsky, already bitten by a werewolf and suffering from nightmares. He is a college professor who has just returned home from a disastrous expedition to Tibet that saw the rest of his crew killed (Don't you just hate it when all the good stuff happens before the movie starts?). His wife, Erica, isn't all that happy to see him, but Walter learns why when he receives a note telling him that his spouse is involved in a torrid affair with a student. Walter returns to work where an old flame, Dr. Ellman, is very happy to see him and prattles on about her brain research, which she feels gives her power over human minds. Walter confesses that he may be a werewolf; Ellman simply states that she can use her latest invention to cure him. The breakthrough surgery involves something called "chemitrodes" that allow her to control the brain of a subject.
Meanwhile, Erica and her lover plot Walter's death by cutting the brakes on his sports car. In a fit of wolfman pique Walter slaughters his wife and then pounces on the boyfriend who screams like a "Price is Right" contestant before getting ripped apart. Afterwards, in human form, Walter crashes his vehicle on a mountain road, stumbles away before turning into a werewolf, then trips over downed electrical wires which then short him out. A detective, with a talent for pointing out the mundane, gets the case and observes Walter's home and abandoned vehicle before dazzling us with his intellect by intoning, "If there is a killer there must be a victim. Our problem now is to find both." Dr. Ellman digs up the repairs to her castle, which is equipped with a laboratory, steel bars, and a basement full of mind controlled hippies. The detective doesn't make the scene till it's all over and he misses everything which includes:
- Walter's battle with zombie-fied goons in armor.
- The wolfman's rampage through a sea of drugged out hippies.
- The wolfman's thrilling duel with a wolf woman before he takes on Ellman for the final smack down.
This one boasts some creepy imagery and the requisite bad dubbing that entitles the viewer to three differing pronunciations of Daminsky's name as well as an amusing series of scenes in which the actress voicing Dr. Ellman continually mangles the scientific jargon which turns Ellman into the first brain surgeon who couldn't pronounce hypothalamus if her life depended on it.
Best Line: "This illness came from Tibet. Anything can happen there."

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