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Cut Home Energy Bills With Hybrid Technology

Cut Home Energy Bills With Hybrid Technology

(NewsUSA)- Keeping the indoor temperature of a home properly regulated is a high priority for most homeowners. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as much as half of all energy consumed in American homes is used for heating and cooling purposes. Given this information, the purchase of an energy-efficient furnace can significantly reduce a homeowner's monthly utility bill.
While at first it may seem like the phrase "energy efficient" is all encompassing, the truth is that not all energy-efficient systems are created equal. Before investing in a system that will heat their home for years to come, consumers should spend time researching various heating and cooling systems -; as well as the impact they may have on monthly utility bills.
The following tips will help you pick out the right heating and cooling system for your needs:
* Look for the Energy Star seal. A heating and cooling system that has earned the Energy Star seal has proven its abilities to save on energy costs.
* Select the right size. When it comes to home heating and cooling, bigger is not necessarily better. Oversized equipment will operate in short run cycles, which don't allow the unit to reach efficient operation and remove humidity from the air -; resulting in an uncomfortable home. A quality contractor will be able to determine the right size system.
* Explore hybrid technology. Today's hybrid systems are equipped to select the most efficient heating fuel based on conditions and to automatically switch back as conditions change. This powerful technology leads the way in energy savings. The Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel system by Carrier, for example, heats at a lower cost than any gas furnace currently available.
* Upgrade your thermostat. One of the easiest ways to control comfort and your utility bills is to install a programmable thermostat. The International Builders Show features a number of innovative thermostats with cutting-edge capabilities each year. The Edge thermostat by Carrier can be configured with an expansion port enabling the homeowner to adjust temperature settings away from home.
* Service your heater. Finally, once a high-efficiency system is installed, make sure to have it regularly serviced to ensure an optimal operating efficiency. For additional information on home heating and cooling systems, visit

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