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Crazy 8s: Wild Weather Events Throughout the Years

Crazy 8s
Wild Weather Events Throughout the Years

Did you ever think about peculiar weather events and question whether there was some sort of pattern? The Old Farmer's Almanac did and discovered some surprising results. The 2008 edition gives us a glimpse into past wacky weather occurrences and advice on what to expect in 2008!
Crazy 8s
Wild weather events have occurred in many of the years ending in 8. Are we in for some more this year?
1888: On March 12-13, a blizzard blew through the Northeast. Snowfall totals were above 20 inches in most of New England and up to 45 inches in southern Connecticut-rare for that area.
1898: On October 2, a category 4 hurricane roared into Cumberland Island in Florida's Nassau County, killing four people and destroying much of the town. It remains the worst hurricane to have hit that area since record-keeping began in 1851.
1948: On May 30, devastating floods began in the Pacific Northwest, with the Columbia River at its highest level since 1894.
1958: A March storm near Morgantown in southeastern Pennsylvania produced 50 inches of snow.
1978: On June 24, El Paso, Texas, temperatures reached a record 111 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.
Can these happen again? Yes-if conditions are right.
One reason that significant weather events such as those listed above could happen again is that some large weather patterns occur in cycles over months, seasons-even years. So keep an eye on the sky for current conditions.

The preceding excerpt is from The 2008 Old Farmer's Almanac. Full permission for reprinting is granted. For more information on the Almanac's line of products, please visit

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