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It's Only Ink! A Golden's Retreat

It's Only Ink!
A Golden's Retreat

Told in a Golden Retriever's point of view, "A Golden's Retreat" by Ernest Ballard Beath and Paula Ruark Gibb was absolutely charming. Even though it basically focuses on a day in the life of a dog...I loved it! My kids loved it! We enjoy books that are fun. Many feel that children's books should be ALL about learning and end with a moral lesson of some kind...this reviewer doesn't feel that way exactly because if your child is enjoying a book...then he/she is learning something! There's nothing wrong with a good, fun, happy, entertaining book for children. And that's just what "A Golden's Retreat" is!
As the owner of a golden I enjoyed the photographs of Patriot (the golden in the book). They show him at play, work (well not really), and of course, rest. Children will enjoy this book as they love looking at adorable photos of animals.
Beath and Gibb's story would be perfect to read anytime and would work well for pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade teachers as easy-to-read books or just-learning-to-read books. Group discussions could be based around the events of the dog's live in the book, comparing them to the child's and their pets' lives at home. Also because this is a book told in rhyme it would also work well for teachers to ask the children to find the rhyming words.
This reviewer highly recommends Beath and Gibb's book and says, "If you're looking for fun...get "A Golden's Retreat" by Ernest Ballard Beath and Paula Ruark Gibb today!"

A Golden's Retreat by Ernest Ballard Beath III and Paula Ruark Gibb, PhD
Illustrated by: Ernest Ballard Beath III, photographer
Published by: Patriot Publishing,
ISBN10: 0-9789936-0-8, ISBN13: 978-0-9789936-0-3
Price: $20, hardcover
Pages: 32
Age Group: Children ages 3 to 7

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