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It's Only Ink! Those Oldies But Goodies

It's Only Ink!
Those Oldies But Goodies

Based off the true-life experience of the author, "Those Oldies But Goodies", is a keeper!
When you read Art's books, you feel as if you are watching a movie in your head! In his younger years, Art didn't know how to read or write. You wouldn't know that by reading his thrilling works of art.
It is obvious that Art Rodriquez enjoys sharing his thoughts and experiences with others. He has a magical way of turning the negative into positive. This reviewer enjoyed reading Art's memories and looks forward to many more books he authors.
In "Those Oldies But Goodies", the reader follows along as Art is released from the California Youth Authority and joins his old buddies for exciting and sometimes careless fun. He falls for a young woman and tries to make an honest living doing honest work, but others (along with his demons) have a way of turning his dreams into the impossible. When he marries, he hopes for happiness and love but finds sadness and hurt instead.
Art's page-turning novel was one I found hard to put down. I can definitely see this becoming a very popular movie!
"Those Oldies But Goodies" by Art Rodriquez was a fantastic read. I am hooked on this author! Read this book and you will be too.
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Those Oldies But Goodies by Art Rodriguez
Published by Dream House Press
ISBN: 0-9671555-4-1
ISBN: 13: 978-0967155548
Price: $13.95, Paperback
Pages: 259

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