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It's Only Ink! The Best Dog in the World

It's Only Ink!
The Best Dog in the World

Dogs - they are truly man's (and woman's) best friend. Donna Long has put together a fabulous book of vintage photos of children and thier dogs. She dedicates the book to her dog "Astrid, the best dog in the world."
The photographs catch dogs of all breeds and sizes from all over th world, showing them on their best behavior at rest and others at play. People of all ages are sure to love "The Best Dog in the World" by Donna Long.
Photographs capture our lives. They depict the way of life - seizuring our moods, moments and often our visions. So why leave out our furry family members? Since 1840, photographs show that people have included them in their family portraits.
Dogs are more than just guardians and herders, they have cried and laughed and loved along with us.
The photographs in this collection date between 1875 and 1925, a time, which the author points out, is conincidentally a period when the interest in development of the majority of today's dog breeds began.
I, as an avid dog lover, with 3 dogs of her own, thoroughly enjoyed reading Long's inspirational book. I plan to look over it again and again.
As dog owners, we need to appreciate, educate and love our dogs. Who knows, you and your dog may end up in a vintage photograph collection for children of the future.

The Best Dog in the World by Donna Long
Published by: Ten Speed Press,
ISBN-10: 1-58008-840-6
Release: Summer 2007
Price: $14.95

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