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New Series in 2007-08

New Series in 2007-08

Here's a few new shows coming up on your favorite TV networks.
On Fox
Almost two years ago, our hearts went out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This series revolves around a small police force still on the scene of this disaster and how they deal with criminals in the wake of tragedy.
Canterbury's Law- Mid-Season
Fox takes a chance on yet another law drama with Julianna Margulies as a defense attorney who likes to bend the rules at a law firm in Rhode Island.
Gossip Girl
From the brilliant minds that brought us The O.C. comes a fun drama about wealthy teens living in New York City. They may live privileged lives, but someone amongst their group is always busy blogging about their dirty little secrets - the problem is they don't know who has been betraying them.
Life is Wild
When a father moves his family from New York City to South Africa for a year, they all think he's gone crazy until they begin to understand the breathtaking beauty this county has to offer. Will they want to leave once their year is over?
Viva Laughlin
This interesting and highly entertaining drama centers around a man who is determined to open a casino in Laughlin, Nevada. When his financing falls through, he is forced to make a deal with a questionable casino owner. Further complicating his life is a murder investigation and a demanding family.
Swingtown- Mid-Season
Get out those bell bottoms and head backto the 1970s during sexual and social revolution. When a suburban family moves into a new community, they soon learn that their neighbors share much more than a cup of sugar!
Big Shots
While many series are all about girl power, Big Shots revolves around four successful men who find comfort in their friendship as they try to navigate their way through love, life and the competitive business world.
Eli Stone
Could there be a real prophet walking among us? Eli Stone, a successful lawyer, thinks he's suffering from hallucinations when he begins seeing the future. After discovering he has an aneurysm in his brain, Eli must try to figure out if what he is seeing has been brought on medically or if someone higher up has a higher purpose for him.
Bionic Woman
In this version, Jaime Sommers works as a bartender who gets into a near-fatal car accident. The only way to save her life is an amazing surgery using top-secret technology - but it will cost her more than she may be willing to give in the long run. Will she be able to use her powers for good while paying back the enormous debt?
After spending years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Detective Charlie Crews manages to return to the police force and gets a second chance at pursuing the life that was yanked away from him years ago.

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