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TV Talk! Jericho

TV Talk!

Jericho is set to return Wednesday, February 21, after a special recapping the first 11 episodes on February 14.
The show premiered on Wednesday, September 20, 2006.
When is it on? Wednesdays at 8pm EST on CBS
Cast: Jericho features an ensemble cast of characters, along with a number of minor and recurring roles. The series web site lists eleven cast members:
Michael Gaston as Gray Anderson
Kenneth Mitchell as Eric Green
Pamela Reed as Gail Green
Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green
Gerald McRaney as Johnston Green
Lennie James as Robert Hawkins
Sprague Grayden as Heather Lisinski
Shoshannah Stern as Bonnie Richmond
Brad Beyer as Stanley Richmond
Ashley Scott as Emily Sullivan
Erik Knudsen as Dale Turner
Synopsis: The storyline revolves about the residents of Jericho, a small, rural Kansas town, in the aftermath of a series of nuclear explosions across the continental United States. The series begins with a visible nuclear explosion of unknown origin in nearby Denver, Colorado, and a loss of power and modern communications, effectively isolating Jericho. Later, power is restored to Jericho by what is alluded to as the efforts of the U.S. government, but soon after an EMP disables all electronics. Several themes addressed in the show regularly are the gathering of information, community identity, public order, limited resources, and external and internal threats. The show features several mysteries involving the backgrounds of major characters, the unknown perpetrators of the attack, and the extent of damage to the United States and its government.
The pivotal character is Jake Green, a 32-year-old prodigal son, who returns home to briefly visit his family before becoming stranded as a result of the catastrophe. After a tense reunion with his father, Mayor Johnston Green, Jake becomes a hero to Jericho by helping protect it and its residents.

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